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Feb 10, 2013 12:10am EST
going on here? is there a manufacturing renaissance in america? what are you seeing? >> is the u.s.'s manufacturing more competitive than it has been in the past? yes. there are a number of drivers. in high-tech manufacturing, material innovation is happening. there is a lot of innovation and advanced manufacturing. materials are higher than it was in the past versus labor. the energy construct is being created by shale gas. the ability of u.s. companies to sell around the world and export in the markets that are growing. in the case of manufacturing, the future has a chance to be different from the past. we are at our most competitive in my 30 years on a globally relative basis. how does that translate to jobs? it is a more complicated equation on around productivity and other elements. will it go from 9% to 20%? that is unlikely. could you see a steady increase of manufacturing jobs in the u.s.? that is likely to happen. whether you get all 5 million back, i do not know. there will be productivity. there is a bigger opportunity for more content in the u.s. today. >> jack welsh on
Feb 9, 2013 9:15pm EST
, and how to present the program, how to do what you're doing now. host: your in the u.s., based in afghanistan, what are you doing here in washington? guest: i am here to say that open media in afghanistan is a big achievement. not only for the public, but for everyone i want to say that this is a big achievement after 11 years we lost more than 39 journalists from 2001 up until now, more than hundreds of injuries, more than thousands of arrests and people who were insulted and faced with harassment. let's not lose this achievement. a side of focus on security forces, stress fractures in afghanistan, focusing on media for lots of afghan people. afghans are quite aware what is freedom of expression and how they can use it in their daily lives. let's focus on it and not lose it. host: while you're in u.s., are you having to justify the money you are receiving? guest: yes, i have to justify the money we are receiving and say that not only for nai media institute, or the organizations we are receiving the money from, from ucid, the sector, the deal is something to really need focus.
Feb 16, 2013 7:00pm EST
for television. season one begins monday night at 9:00 a.m. -- at 9:00 p.m. eastern and pacific. >> u.s. army chief of staff general raymond odierno says the greatest threat facing our nation is the fiscal uncertainty and potential budget cut -- but it sure call. hort falls. he made these remarks at the brookings institution. this is just over an hour. >> good morning, everyone, and on behalf of brookings and our center for 21st century security, we're honored to have the chief of staff of the army, general ray odierno, to speak. you are aware of the challenges of the budget process and our future military planning as well as current operations. no one could be more distinguished and a more thoughtful person to discuss these matters than general odierno, who is a friend of brookings and the broader defense community for a long time, and he has been a distinguished servant in our nation's military and defense throughout that time. he took the fourth infantry division to iraq and presided over its operation, directed its operations in the first year of the iraq war. then he returned as the mult
Feb 17, 2013 4:35am EST
the record show that the witness answered in the affirmative. we are pleased to be joined by u.s. attorney timothy heaphy. there was a request by the republican side it to send a witness to our next hearing on the importance of enforcement of the gun law. timothy heaphy was appointed as u.s. attorney for the western district of virginia. he has worked in private practice and taught at the university of virginia school law. mr. heaphy, thank you for joining us today. we will give you five minutes for an opening statement. your complete statement will be part of the record. and then we will ask you questions. >> thank you chairman durbin, ranking member cruz. i am pleased and honored to speak with you about the continuing work of the united states attorney community and the department of justice to address gun-related violence. this is a very personal issue to me. i've prosecuted hundreds of gun cases in my years as a federal prosecutor, including a yearlong trial of a violent drug gang right here in washington, d.c. i currently serve as united states attorney and a district that has felt th
Feb 11, 2013 2:05am EST
." next to her is a former u.s. senator elizabeth dole. [applause] elizabeth was our breakfast speaker 26 years ago. she will give a reading from the holy scriptures. next to her as california representative at janice hahn. [applause] next year she will be standing in my place here. then have adel and mrs. jonathan greener. he is the u.s. chief of naval operations, which puts him in charge of about 300,000 sailors, 300 ships, and a 3500 aircraft. he will offer a prayer for our national leaders. [applause] next we have the spouse of my cochair, mary sessions. [applause] please join me in welcoming the pension -- the passionate, principled, and principled first lady of the united states, first lady michelle obama. [applause] continuing down the table, we have our friend and former colleague, the good vice- president of the united states, joe biden. [applause] on the other side of our speaker is my colleague and friend chuck schumer. he is the cry of -- the pride of ps 197 in brooklyn. he has been a member of the senate for over 30 years scripps -- years. [applause] next to him as a former c
Feb 10, 2013 9:35pm EST
to take the stage he would not qualify to take the president of the u.s. states and take positions that were out of step with what the country is. the question came up not only in the primary but the debates of president obama, if you were offered a deal on the budget that had $10 of spending cuts for every dollar of tax increases are revenue, would be to the deal. he said no. that is the nut is thing i have ever heard. ronald reagan would have grabbed that with both hands. but the time we got to the general election, obama has been attacked so far to the right. but the time he got back, it was too late. the campaign did a brilliant job of focusing on the eight swing states. they began advertising before conventional wisdom said to advertise in august. they put this car on bain capital and all the other day getting things on the table. by the time to get to november, there is a scab built up on the principle on socially moderate fiscal conservative women. even though they may not have been in love with with the president was taking the country economically, they could not get over
Feb 3, 2013 9:35pm EST
as the interim us center -- u.s. senator. there will also be a special election on june 25 to fill the remainder of senator kerry's term. [applause] >> thank you lieutenant governor. he said it erie it i really can just turn it over. good morning, everybody. i want to begin by congratulating john kerry on his confirmation and thanking him for his everest to the people of the commonwealth. for more than 25 years as a veteran, a prosecutor, a lieutenant governor and united states senator, he has been a voice for aggressive magnetism and a model of statesmanship. we are so fortunate that our country will have a person of such character and integrity as our next secretary of state. we wish him well in this critical new role. i thank him personally for his friendship. yesterday afternoon i received senator kerry's letter, resigning his senate seat. under massachusetts law, i now have the responsibility to set a date for a special election to fill the vacancy and to appoint someone to serve as senator in the interim. over the weekend, after communications between my staff and e terry galvan, we set ju
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7